Untitled Document Untitled Document Welcome To The Portfolio Of Stuart Foy I am a confident graphic designer with years of experience.  
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    Polishing A Gem

    A few years back I got involved with a little game creation contest  known as the RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition. It all began when I came across someone look for help with their game – I played it, and it was great fun!  Shame it looked like this. So over the weeks we worked together  to […]

    Mini Update – Poster For Design Classics

    Total U-Turn on the last idea, and something totally different to how I normally do stuff.  Played around with a pattern made from desks and cubicles, and printed it to a really nice textured paper.  I’ll have good photos up post deadline – this was just a terrible photo from my phone.

    A Case Of The Mondays – Work In Progress

    Something a bit silly I’m working on for university.  It’s for my design classics box set, so it’s all got to be one made with only 2 colours.  It’s meant to be a play on those horrible office posters you get. Bonus:  Something a bit rubbish

Hey there! This portfolio site lacks some more recent work, so feel free to check out my Behance after exploring this site!